About NextPay

From credit card processing to online billing, NextPay Merchant Services has the processing solutions you need to run your business better.

NextPay is a division of Brinkman Financial Company (BFC) -- a leader in tools and technology for the financial services industry. Throughout our 25-year history, BFC has developed products for the banking sector, the Fortune 500 and merchants that allow for greater security, increased efficiencies and reduction in costs. Our commitment to customer-focused product development has allowed us to create flexible and scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Security is the Backbone

At BFC, security is at the heart of everything they do. As a Level One Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant provider, their technologies support complete audit logging for all admin functionality and IP address logging and blocking for secure access and fraud prevention. BFC's systems also support full security access by admin, division and group to provide the highest level of security. International solutions are easily supported as well through the multi-lingual and currency capabilities of their systems.

No More Cobbling Together Solutions

Too often, merchant services companies cobble together solutions from a number of providers and resell them as their own. Most merchants don’t know what company actually designed and developed the technology they are using. More importantly, merchants don’t know the level of security or how safely their information is being stored. Through BFC, NextPay’s technology is state-of-the-art with the highest security schemes and encryption. When you join the NextPay network, you are going to the source – not just another sales organization or reseller.

Merchant Services and Processing

NextPay is the product of years of experience in financial services. Our technology is the springboard from which we develop programs that save our merchants money. We round out the offering with superior customer service and excellent rates. This makes for a program that will become the standard in the industry.

Belief in giving back

NextPay (through its parent, BFC) is committed to making a difference. NextPay can help you help others by developing charitable sites and mobile applications for your company, your community and your world. NextPay can develop internet sites that securely process online credit card donations as well as charitable sites that have locate options for causes such as food drives, clothing drives and more.

NextPay is able to develop, host and maintain a PCI compliant website to accept transactions on behalf of the charitable organization. If you are interested in finding out more, please call 877.542.7623 or email us here.


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